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@CIOonline State of the CIO 2016: It's complicated (4 papers that you must see)

The 15th annual State of the CIO report reveals that IT leaders are caught between the demand to ensure functional efficiency and security and the need to drive digital transformation as strategic business partners.

CIOs who have an active role in developing business strategy and facilitating company growth are paid the best, get more respect and are more likely to have the resources they need to address today’s biggest IT challenges, according to the State of the CIO 2016 survey of 571 executives who are in charge of IT at their companies.

Although 88 percent of CIOs report their jobs are increasingly more challenging, the nature of the challenges they face—and their job satisfaction in light of these—differs depending on their focus. The vast majority of CIOs (84 percent) agree that the role is becoming more important to their business. But CIOs who spend most of their time on strategic activities or who are concentrating on transforming business operations are significantly more likely (87 percent) to say so than functional IT leaders (78 percent), who have a more traditional role managing IT operations.

Strategic (71 percent) and transformational (69 percent) CIOs are also significantly more likely to consider their jobs to be rewarding than functional CIOs (47 percent). Functional IT leaders, in contrast, are more likely to be frustrated, if not embattled. They are most likely to say IT is scapegoated when other departments miss their goals (60 percent), most likely to be viewed by other departments as an obstacle to their mission (40 percent) and most likely to feel that the CIO is being sidelined (29 percent). Furthermore, functional CIOs are most concentrated among a minority (28 percent) of companies where IT is undervalued, underused or misunderstood, and where their struggles are exacerbated.

These are the four papers...





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