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@Entrepreneur 5 Steps to Becoming a Major League Digital Influencer

5 Steps to Becoming a Major League Digital Influencer This "Entrepreneur" contributor built up half a million followers in three years. How'd he do it?

Influencer marketing is now growing faster than digital marketing, according to research from Quora.

So it probably comes as no surprise that many people are now scrambling to become digital influencers -- looking to stake a claim and reap the benefits that come along with being a digital influencer.

But how, exactly, do you do that? How do you stand out and get seen when every day there are 2.7 million blog posts published and 432,000 hours worth of video uploaded to Youtube? When you add up all of the posts, pins, tweets and Facebook live videos, that's a mind-boggling amount of content created and shared each day.

Still, becoming a digital influencer is possible. But you have to have a strategy, and you need to work it daily.

I write from personal experience: Three years ago, I was a complete unknown. Now, I have a half million digital followers. I was selected as an Inc. Top 100 Leadership Expert and speaker. I have a top-ranked leadership blog. And I was one of the "Top 241 Push Button Influencers" in 2016.

Here are the five things that helped take me from obscurity to digital influencer which will also help you on your journey.

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