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The digital opportunity for CIOs @ComputerWeekly

The digital opportunity for CIOs : CIOs have a unique opportunity to lead the digital strategy in their organisations, but they have to move quickly to make sure they have the right skills and infrastructure in place
Yet if CIOs are going to drive this digital transformation, they must develop and improve their digital abilities and investments. More than a quarter (28%) of technology leaders in Deloitte’s survey ranked their IT organisation as below average in digital skillsets, especially customer and digital experience and analytics. Two out of five CIOs said they were underinvesting in emerging technologies and analytics. That’s pretty surprising for a function that is supposed to be leading the technology agenda.
In fact, 57% of CIOs reported that the business expects them to assist in business innovation and developing new products and services, but over half stated that innovation and disruption priorities currently do not exist or are still in the process of being built. Similarly, 61% identified cyber security as a core expectation because it’s only 10% of CIOs cited cyber security and IT risk management as a top business priority. It’s important that technology leaders either look to close or manage this gap in expectation. It’s damaging for everyone’s perception of the CIO role.

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